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Though yeast infection is a common enough condition, many people are unaware of the fact that it can affect toddlers as well. In fact as well . Actually many of the discomforts experienced by children have to do with yeast infection including conditions such as oral thrush, diaper or skin rash.

There are many triggers of yeast infection in toddlers. The employment of antibiotics is one of the most common triggers and is sometimes administered to the toddlers at regular intervals. Since they have feeble immune systems, the young ones are prone to many alternative illnesses and therefore , require antibiotics to aid in recovery.

yeastinfectionExaggerated use of antibiotics kills the bacteria which is harmful to child but also reduces the number of bacteria with a constructive effect by a substantial margin. Since this good bacteria is basically responsible for controlling the growth of yeast in the body, the yeast has a field day growing. It must be understood a breast feeding mummy can pass on antibiotics to the baby through milk.

Most times, children contract yeast infection from their mummies at the time of their birth. If the mother is suffering from yeast infection in the delivery, she can pass it on to her kid at birth.

Food is another reason for yeast infection in toddlers. Kids are specifically hooked on sugar rich foods such as colas, chocolates, and sweets, sodas etc. Since the yeast survives on sugars, a sugar rich diet can render the kid more inclined to contracting yeast infection. Therefore , it’s insistent for you to check the sugar intake of your kid to prevent any resulting yeast infection.

Another important reason for yeast infection in young ones may be lack of proper hygiene. If your kid stays for too long in wet clothes or doesn’t keep himself clean then he might be a victim of yeast infection. Yeasts like to live in wet and damp environment so not keeping your kid moisture free could make him a victim of yeast infection.

Since children aren’t immune to yeast infections, it is only acceptable to provide treatment for them accordingly . Often, it’s best to dispose of the problem at its root. For example, if your youngster is a victim of yeast infection brought on by a sugar rich diet, take steps to remove sugar from his daily diet at once.

OTC anti yeast products need to be avoided at all costs though. Plenty of the products contain various medicinal actives which may result in a wide selection of complications. Even homeopathic anti yeast medication such as Yeastrol Yeast Infection treatment have been deemed unsuitable for kids below the age of 12.

Ideally, you need to seek the help of a trained doctor or child specialist to deal with acne infection in toddlers as they’d be able to suggest a more comprehensive treatment method for the condition with regards to the kid’s age.

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