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The steps to relieve hemorrhoids symptoms should actually be followed by every pregnant lady, whether she has been diagnosed with hemorrhoids or not. The reason for this is simple: you are at risk during this time and during the labor yet to come of straining your rectal/anal region so much as to bring the hemorrhoids on! You might just as well cover your bases…just in case.

If the following steps don’t bring relief, check with the doctor again. You may need more help than home care can provide…but, that’s not likely. These steps are almost certain to help. Read the rest of this entry »

Homemade Beauty Recipes for your Skin

Jul 11, 2012 Author: miss | Filed under: Beauty, Skin Care

Herbal remedies are very popular. Beauty Recipes are easily prepared at home provides best alternative to costly makeup products. Sensitive skin can be easily irritated. Typical reactions to sensitive skin includes itching, burning, chafing and stinging. It feels very dry after a wash and occasionally break out in spots or pimples. Do not use makeup atleast once a week so as to let your skin breathe fresh air. Skin that feels great when you take off for work in the morning but feels greasy by lunch; these are all too familiar scenarios for those of us with oily skin. Oily skin type has over reactive sebaceous glands that make the face shiny, particularly down the central panel-your nose, forehead and chin, also known as the T-zone. For normal skin, toning, daily cleansing and nourishing should be done. For this use a mild or balanced soap. Soft water should be used to wash the face daily.

Following are the variety of homemade beauty recipes:

1. Use witch hazel as an astringent instead of pricey products. It also cleans makeup from skin without drying it. Read the rest of this entry »

7 Simple Strategies to Manage Hunger

Jul 5, 2012 Author: miss | Filed under: Health, Weight Loss

Recently clients and friends have been asking me how they can deal with their “hunger” when they get home from work. Sometimes the hunger is real because they’ve had a light lunch that didn’t have all 6 tastes we learn about in Ayurveda nutrition and a snack of some trail mix or a sweet fruit with a cup of herbal tea can be a useful quick antidote. However, often the hunger is linked with emotions. We may be feeling tired because we have been giving/serving all day. We need to do something to quell our “hunger”.

For example, one friend and client I recently met with commented how he feels the need to eat something when he gets back from work and finds that in the evening he eats the most amount of food, something he would rather avoid. Read the rest of this entry »

Mononucleosis Treatment - Herbs

Jun 18, 2012 Author: miss | Filed under: Alternative Medicine, Health, Herbal Remedies

It’s a fact that prescription drugs can cause more harm than good during mononucleosis treatment. Fortunately there are some fantastic herbs which you can take to boost your immune system and alleviate your symptoms naturally.

Let’s have a look at the most popular:


Echinacea stimulates the immune system by increasing white blood cell activity. It has been shown to help the lymphatic system and relieve glandular swelling. Read the rest of this entry »

Living with psoriasis is not easy. It can be very troublesome and problematic especially when your skin flares up. Psoriasis patients and medical experts alike are all finding ways on how to alleviate suffering caused by this peculiar skin disease. In this quest, they have found that proper nutrition can actually have a positive effect on psoriasis. Although, a special diet for psoriasis is still debatable, several studies have shown that certain vitamins and minerals can help prevent psoriasis attacks. Let me share to you some of them.

1. Antioxidants. Antioxidants are needed to stop the formation of leukotrienes which is responsible in psoriasis attacks. Psoriasis patients should eat foods rich in antioxidants such as grapes, nuts, plums, oregano and legumes to prevent skin flares. Read the rest of this entry »

Motion Sickness Prevention Tips for Children

Jun 17, 2012 Author: miss | Filed under: Children, Family, Health

It can be distressing for parents to see their children not feel well and have frequent motion sickness. Children from 5 years to 12 years are more susceptible to motion sickness.

What is Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is caused by a disturbance of the inner ear where there is a conflict between the vestibular inputs and visual inputs. These conflicting messages are sent to the brain which results in imbalance and thus leads to motion sickness.

Motion sickness can occur in air, sea, bus, car, roller coaster or from playing video games. Read the rest of this entry »

Treating Mononucleosis Naturally

Jun 14, 2012 Author: miss | Filed under: Alternative Medicine, Health

In the majority of mono infections, drugs will be of little use. Doctors may prescribe drugs that mask your symptoms temporarily but do nothing to get rid of the virus. Fortunately treating mononucleosis naturally can have excellent results in relieving symptoms and stopping the virus from relapsing.

Let’s have a look at the most popular ways of treating mononucleosis naturally.

Quality sleep

For optimal recovery from mono it is essential that you get at least 8 - 10 hours of deep, unbroken sleep a night. Children and teenagers need even more. It is when you get quality sleep that your body produces growth hormone - your body’s repair hormone. Read the rest of this entry »

Approximately 65 million Americans suffer from back pain, with low back pain being the most frequent area of concern. Lower back pain is typically the result of aging, overuse, muscle strains, and injury. While some initial down time may be in order, in most cases, staying active is the key to relieving chronic lower back pain. Too little activity can lead to loss of flexibility, strength, endurance, and increases the likelihood of more back pain. The right exercises will strengthen and support the lower back, reducing pain, speeding recovery, and preventing re-injury. On the flip side, the wrong exercises may trigger back pain or even cause irreparable damage, so it is important to choose your exercises wisely.

Beneficial Exercises for Lower Back Pain

  • As a rule of thumb, choose gentle strengthening and stretching exercises for your core, back, and legs. These areas have the greatest influence on your lower back’s health.
  • Swimming is perhaps the best aerobic exercise for low back pain. Try the back stroke or using a kick board.
  • Pilates provide an amazing low impact comprehensive workout that stretches, strengthens, and tightens the core.
  • Lifting hand weights - just be sure not to over-do it! The weight should feel slightly challenging but not uncomfortable or painful. Keep movements slow and calculated.
  • Wall sits (see image) - Sit at a near 90 degree angle with your back against the wall. This will strengthen your core and your legs, while bracing your lower back.
  • Press up back extensions - lie stomach down, with your hands under your shoulders, pushing with your hands so your shoulders begin to lift off the floor. This is will increase flexibility and strengthen your back.
  • Partial crunches (i.e. a slight crunch, but not a full sit up) provide back stability while strengthening the core.
  • Individuals with tight hamstrings are more likely to experience back pain, so gentle hamstring stretches are a great addition to any exercise regimen.
  • Lie on the floor, with knees bent at 45 degrees, feet on the floor. Slowly lift your knee to your chest or as far is comfortable for you.
  • Pelvic tilts are a very gentle strengthening move that will support the lower back and strengthen the lower abdominal region, a tough area to target.
  • Consider pairing exercise with a supportive lumbar back brace at early stages of recovery.
  • Utilize heat therapy to loosen up muscles prior to a strenuous workout and apply cold therapy to decrease swelling and reduce pain.

Exercises to Avoid

  • It goes without saying but avoid exercises that strain the back. If you feel pain, just stop. Be sure to “check in” with your body regularly. Trust your internal narrator. If your inner voice says “this feels like it could go wrong,” just stop.
  • Avoid toe touches and similar fast-paced, drastic bending movements.
  • Full sit-ups put too much pressure on the spine and should be avoided.
  • Leg lifts (i.e. laying on the floor and elevating legs) place too much strain on the lower back.

About the Author: Cris Dillon is VP at MMAR Medical, the premier online supplier of the best orthopedic medical braces including post-operative and osteoarthritis knee braces, cold therapy systems and more. MMAR Medical offers the highest quality products matched with excellent customer service.


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