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One of the properties of vitamin E is its ability to thin the blood. So it is seems obvious that it should not be used. If you have a low platelet count (ITP blood disorder) and are already having some bleeding problems, it would seem that it is better to stay away completely from vitamin E. Read this article and you will find the truth about vitamin E and ITP blood disorder.

Clearing the myth

Vitamin E in the form of gamma tocopherol is a powerful antioxidant by nature. It is a very important vitamin for the human body due to its many important functions. But what makes it so important for conditions such as thrombocytopenia is its antioxidant effects.

People who have low platelets due to ITP are considered to have a lot of inflammation and molecules of toxic oxygen known also as free radicals that destroy large amount of platelets. These free radicals can kill large amount of platelets in a very little span of time. And since the bone marrow is not really producing enough platelets, this free radical damage can really cause a very bad case of thrombocytopenia.

Vitamin E is a great antioxidant and can really help in preventing all this platelet destruction. But many say it is contraindicated in this case. But I believe there is a misunderstanding. Read the next paragraph and I will tell you why.

Reasons for why vitamin E is contraindicated

1. The amount usually taken by most is too large

2. The effect depends on how much platelets you have. Do you have less than 20,000?

Amount of vitamin E and its effects

Referring to point number one, it is important to know that vitamin E will act as an anticoagulant if taken in large doses only. The amount of 400-800 or more units per day is really too strong for a person who has a condition of blood platelet disorder.

But how about if you take a very small amount would this have a similar reaction? No it will not. So can anyone benefit by taking small amounts of vitamin E? How much is considered a small dose?

Certain studies show that taking a low dose of vitamin E of 100 IU can actually improve thrombocytopenia. So this is the recommendation given to you buy this article: If your platelets are not really low but not really in the optimal area where they should be, you can take a very low dose of vitamin E to increase you platelets. You should take a low dose of vitamin E if your platelets are above the 55,000 range. And remember it should not be above the 100 IU a day.

Taking a low dose of vitamin E can help increase your low platelet count and improve your ITP disorder. Do not expect this be the solution to your problems. You still need to eat healthy and live a better and healthier life style. And there are herbs that can even be more effective.

Remember also to consult a qualified health practitioner who has knowledge and experience using nutritional therapy before doing any changes to your lifestyle or taking any vitamins.

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