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What are herpes and genital warts? Most people think that they are the same thing. However these are two very different diseases and if you think you have with one, you should know that genital herpes treatment is different from genital warts treatment. Here are some of the reasons why people think that genital warts and genital herpes are the same:

They are both incurable but treatable.

The reason for this is that the virus that causes them may still be alive in the body and can be transmitted.

They are both transmitted through sexual contact: Pregnant women can pass on their disease to their child. Aside from the complications it can bring to the birthing, both genital herpes and genital warts can be acquired close contact of an infected person.

There are other ways of getting infected with these diseases. Therefore these sores and warts can also show on your lips and other body parts. What’s worse is that both of these diseases can affect the birthing period.

These two diseases have many similarities but they are also very different. Here are some of their differences:

They are caused by two different viruses: Genital warts are caused by a virus called human papilloma while herpes are caused by the herpes simplex virus. Both of these viruses can be easily transmitted through sexual contact. And because they are two different viruses, it is possible to be infected by both viruses at the same time.

Such is life and some people are that unlucky. Getting these two diseases at the same time will mean more problems. Also, these two diseases may not manifest until it’s too late. So even if you think you’re free from disease, you should still talk to any doctor in order to get both herpes and genital warts treatment advice. They will be able to give you treatment options as well as ways to prevent further spreading of the virus.

They develop differently: Genital warts can grow bigger and bigger as long as they are not removed. On the other hand, herpes manifest during “outbreaks”, where you develop sores on your skin. Eventually these sores will burst, dry up and go away.

These 2 diseases require different treatments: There are several different ways to get genital warts treatment. Warts can be removed through medical creams, surgery or freezing them off.

On the other hand, genital herpes does not require the same medical attention because they will ripen and burst naturally. During the outbreaks, however, the sores may be painful and medication may be acquired to minimize the pain.

Thankfully, herpes and genital warts are both preventable. Don’t worry about contracting the virus.

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