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Every morning it’s the same thing; I wake up with a headache and I don’t know why. Did I sleep in the wrong position? I don’t even want to get out of bed the headache hurts so much. I started taking aspirin and looking for other medicines to take to stop my chronic morning headache.

I feel dehydrated, so I drink lots of water before bedtime, resulting in a full bladder in the middle of the night, so I’m off to the bathroom on many occasions. My doctor told me to drink a lot of water too.

Headaches can be the result of over the counter medications.

The occasional use of over the counter pain medications are effective.

Pain Medication when used all the time actually produces and can add to your headache. certain medicine may cause headaches.

Headaches can be amplified by aspirin and other pain medications by taking these medications two - three times a week, just as an example.

Preventative medications are found to work better when headache suffers stop taking painkillers on a daily basis. They also find that their chronic headaches actually diminish and sometimes go away altogether too.

So to stop my headaches by stop using painkillers to stop my headaches, how weird.

So who would’ve thought going drug-free would cure my headaches; actually it didn’t; it did help though. The reason I was taking the medicine in the 1st Place was to kill the pain of the headaches.

I still have some occurring headaches that still are a bother, although I have cut back on my pain-killers. I’m wondering what to do to get rid of the chronic morning headaches once and for all.

I thought sleeping with the wrong pillow was the cause of my chronic morning headaches.

My chronic morning headaches began frustrating me as I’m sure it would frustrate anyone. So I thought about how I was sleeping and decided to change my pillows. I tried soft pillows, hard billows, and contour pillows. Yet my chronic morning headaches persisted.

I thought that if I slept with a pillow under my legs it would help. I kept struggling for a good position to sleep in that would result in no more headaches in the morning. These headaches just would not go away.

My chronic morning headaches were completely relieved by chiropractic care, just some simple adjustments, I was surprised.

I should of started with chiropractic care, it would have saved me allot of pain. I had a pinched nerve from what’s known as a subluxation (vertebra out of place); you know the thing your spinal cord goes through and the nerves protrude from. I guess the stress of everyday life causes the spine to subluxate, at least that’s what the x-ray showed. The chiropractor relieved my chronic headaches.

After getting adjusted three times a week for about eight weeks I could see a significant amount of relief. I notice my energy level was much better and that I was sleeping very well. I had finally found relief from my chronic morning headaches.

Want to find out more about Chiropractic Care, then visit the Chiropractors’ Portal on how to choose the best Chiropractor for your needs.

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