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Many exercise experts advocate the use of a post-workout meal to enhance the benefits of your work out and this is essential for a six pack abs diet. Many people grab a sports drink or candy bar, thinking that a quick blast of carbs is all they need for recovery. This information couldn’t be be more incorrect if it wanted to. Post-workout food prep is not rocket science, but not using the correct nutrients to refuel after a workout makes it harder to have a successful six pack abs diet.

There are a multitude of “health” supplement products marketed in a way that would make you assume they make getting a six pack easier. They suggest that you’ll get ripped and look like the people who advertise (advertise is the keyword in that statement) their products. Most of these supplements are extremely expensive, and if you are not into competitive bodybuilding, way too calorie-laden to be of much help for your six pack abs diet. In addition to expense, they can be a real pain to measure, mix, and carry on a day to day basis. Not too many people I know carry shaker cups, huge cans of whey powder, glucose powder and assorted other ingredients to the gym or to work. The few people I know that actually do this are competition-level athletes, and it is part of their job. (more…)

How To Avoid Stress Eating

Apr 24, 2012 Author: miss | Filed under: Alternative Medicine, Health, Nutrition

We’ve all had times where food soothes our tensions, helps lift a bad mood, even passes the time, and in a strange way, such indulgences do bring us happiness… a quick boost because the intake of simple carbs triggers the quick release of serotonin, a mood elevating hormone produced by the brain.

We learn to associate the good feeling with the less than healthy food or eating pattern. What’s more, the intake has set off a chain reaction that causes all kinds of trouble for the body, leaving you feeling sluggish and a bit off. That’s all before the sugar crash. (more…)

Modern changes in lifestyle and diet have greatly contributed to the alarming rise of excess weight and obesity. As one of the leading preventable causes of death in the world, obesity can lead to other more serious and sometimes fatal diseases, such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Therefore, many are looking into sustainable, effective diets to counter the health and aesthetic disadvantages of obesity. The following natural supplements have weight-loss properties that may make them invaluable to a successful diet.

Acai Berry

One of the lauded “superfruits” of recent years, the acai berry contains high amounts of antioxidants, monounsaturated fats, and dietary fibres. The acai berry may contribute to weight loss by increasing metabolism, though there are no substantial studies to support this. (more…)

Six Kinds of Best Food for Babies

Apr 16, 2012 Author: miss | Filed under: Health, Nutrition

Introduction: Among so many kinds of staple food, vegetables, fruits, nuts, meat and fruit juices, which kind is the most nutritious and healthiest food for babies? In the following section, we will list six kinds of food for the parents, which are the most nutritious food for their babies.

1. The best breakfast: cereal
Breakfast is very important for babies. Cereal such as polenta is very nutritious. It contains a variety of vitamins and minerals. What’s more, parents can also provide their babies with a glass of milk when they eat cereal, because milk is rich in calcium, so it can make the breakfast much more nutritious. (more…)

Six Healthy Egg Breakfasts to Enjoy

Apr 15, 2012 Author: miss | Filed under: Cooking, Nutrition

Adding one egg to your breakfast has been shown to be more gratifying than something else, such as a bagel, with the same number of calories in it. It has been reported that people feel fuller and don’t feel the need for any snacks before lunchtime. Even if you are watching your cholesterol, the high protein and moderate fat of a daily egg has its benefits. Here are six healthy egg breakfasts to try for yourself.

A quick breakfast taco is easy and fast to make. All you need is a corn tortilla, a tablespoon of salsa, some reduced-fat cheddar cheese, and an egg. While you scramble your egg, place the cheese and salsa on the tortilla and heat in the microwave for about thirty seconds. When the egg is done, just place in the tortilla and eat as you would your favorite taco for a filling and satisfying healthy breakfast. (more…)

What do you know about the food you eat. Did you know the food you eat on a regular basis might have the potential to kill you. Scary isn’t it? Why would anyone want to eat food that puts their life in danger? Foods you can die from eating are usually the most tastiest and delicious thus making it hard to do without them, that’s why! Fatal only really comes into play if the foods are misused.

Who’d of thought your dinner if not intentionally poisoned, killing you, before that of being knocked over by a car, or slipping on a banana skin and breaking your neck. Now you’re aware that particular foods are dangerous, it gives you chance to make sure what goes inside your belly is safe, and that you live to see another day. (more…)

Top 5 Naturally Gluten Free Carbohydrate Sources

Apr 7, 2012 Author: miss | Filed under: Health, Nutrition

These are simply ranked in the order which I like them most. I consider them fairly interchangeable as far as quality goes, although there of course are differences when it comes to specific nutritional content. But we’re talking big picture at the moment….

Sweet Potato

-Love these. Awesome all carmelized and naturally sweet when baked, can be sliced and baked as fries, mashed-just all-around high nutrition value goodness. Sweetness and fiber all wrapped up in a yummy peel. There’s nothing wrong with other potatoes, I just like the sweets. And remember, this list is in MY order of preference only. (more…)

Seasonal allergies have become increasingly an issue for many people in the recent years. There are many prescription and over-the-counter medications to choose from, but a lot of them have side effects, and work only for certain situations and not others. Some may work for a while, and then stop working. Some make you drowsy. Steroids are used for extreme cases - but they weaken the immune system and are definitely not safe for use during pregnancy. Antihistamines inhibits mucus secretion - which can have an impact on fertility by altering the quality of cervical mucus.

Although there are a handful of allergy medications that are generally safe for use during pregnancy, many choose to avoid the use of medication altogether. There are some foods and herbs that can help with minimizing allergies or alleviating some of the discomforts in a safe and natural way without posing any risk to the growing baby: (more…)


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