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Unless you go for herbal treatments for herpes, finding a ready sure could be difficult. Prescription drugs only attack the symptoms and as soon as the medicinal effect wears off, you can expect the symptoms to come back again with a vengeance. The virus needs to be treated and gotten rid off using natural herbs that are anti viral in nature and could be even found in your kitchen as well.


Being anti bacterial in nature, garlic is an all round herb for treating herpes. It is anti fungal and anti viral as well with nearly 80 or more sulfur compounds that are already in use by pharmaceutical companies for producing a wide range of sulfa drugs. Garlic has all the properties of sulfa and it is present in nature and a common herbal ingredient always available in your kitchen. Without the risk of any side effects, garlic can ensure cure in all stages of herpes.

And garlic can be used by everyone and even pregnant mothers can safely administer garlic treatment if they are affected by female genital herpes. You would have to use raw varieties of garlic and the organic stuff is considered the best one brought from organic farmers markets coast to coast. By taking 4-5 cloves a day and the amount depends on your ability to tolerate the taste.


The taste of goldenseal is less repulsive compared to garlic and it also has tremendous antiviral and antibacterial properties as well. You can use it safely at all sensitive places like genitals which at times is not possible with garlic. For male genital herpes and female genital herpes, goldenseal is a better bet as it cannot create the type of discomfort common with garlic. And not many people like the harshness if garlic and usually go for goldenseal instead.

But compared to garlic, the action of goldenseal is much weaker and could take prolonged usage. Garlic is known to act more effectively in curing herpes and is known to have far less anti pathogen power required to provide the treatment for herpes. But keeping aside the effects, herbal treatment is a far better bet than going to a doctor and taking medicines and applying ointments on the affected area. They are not permanent cures for herpes.


This herb is considered best for powering up your immune system and in our world full of pollutants and toxins, the immune system has taken a beating. We are less immune to diseases than our forefathers were centuries ago. If your immune system is great and always fired up, you are less likely to be affected by virus attacks and bacterial infections.

You can take Echinacea in the form of juices, tea or as a tincture for a ready cure of herpes and get your immune system up and running once again and it is one of the best among the list of herbal treatment for herpes.

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